At the end of 2017, LHT had an opportunity to guide university students from South Korea to conduct a project called “Light to the World, Love to Neighbors”. Around 30 students from different departments took part in KEPCO GLOBAL VOLUNTEERS.  They participated in the project held in Tumpak village, Central Lombok. This project was sponsored by KEPCO, ECOPEACE ASIA, and Korea Travel Fair. And of course, Lombok Hidden Trip was honored to be part of this meaningful program in facilitating the volunteers.

Lots of social activities were carried out for a week in Tumpak. The volunteers installed the solar cell to turn the energy of light into electricity. They also donated some solar lanterns and installed them in several spots in the village, including a mosque, school, graveyard and along the village main road. It didn’t stop there. Renovating one of Primary School in Tumpak (SDN Tumpak), involving the kids with some activities like coloring and teaching them how to connect solar power toys (Solar DIY Model) with different features like airboat, plane, windmill, and car were also fulfilled. The kids were super excited and enjoyed the activities for sure. The volunteers even tried to liven up the kids with games and songs. It was such a wonderful time. Here, we could see how beautiful the exchanging culture is.

painting the school's wall
Painting the school’s wall

Finished with the rushing and bustling in the village, traveling was in the next list to refresh and relax, as our mission is traveling while volunteering. As Lombok is well known for its beautiful beaches, we took the volunteers to get sunlight vitamin in Kuta beach. Kuta is one of the fascinating beach, as well as an iconic beach, in Central Lombok. The view was absolutely spoiled and chilled them out. Taking selfie did create our best moment. The last day, we had a walking tour to the Islamic Centre, a landmark in the heart of Mataram city, Lombok. The guide told the story about the history of the Islamic Centre. Before heading to the Airport, as a farewell, we led them to pay a visit to Trash Bank in order to take a good look at how people turn plastics into handicraft. Glad that they purchased some for souvenirs. Big thanks to KEPCO GLOBAL VOLUNTEERS.

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