Eco-Friendly Traveling Tips

Zero waste has started to be a lifestyle in Indonesia. Practicing a zero-waste lifestyle not only can be done at home but also when traveling because traveling is one of activity that contributes to littering. When traveling or going on holiday to tourist destination such as mountain, beach, climbing hill or any other destinations, we often witness a lot of rubbish especially plastic bottle, straws, cutleries like spoon and fork and some snacks packaging throwing everywhere. It’s a very sad condition if beautiful spots are full of garbage. So we need to change our habits in order to reduce waste by toting some zero waste kit while traveling. Well, there are several eco-friendly tips to start your traveling with.

  1. Carry a reusable bottle or tumbler.

Reducing single-use plastic bottle is an essential thing to zero waste travel. Before exploring your tourist destination, do not forget to refill your water bottle.

  1. Bring your own food container and cutleries

One of the basic zero waste kits you must have is a food container and your own cutleries. Say no to any single-use plastic like straw, coffee cup or utensil (spoon or fork). By carrying some zero-waste kit, you are contributing to keeping tourism object clean.

  1. Bring your own snack

One thing to minimize trash while traveling is by packing your snack. That’s why you need your food container. We often see plastics are thrown everywhere, especially, in tourism objects even though some rubbish bins are available nearby. The visitors are still not aware of how important to keep the environment clean which always becomes the one big issue here

  1. Bring your own napkin

Avoiding paper towel can create trash. Instead of using a paper towel, a napkin is better. Tissue or paper towel basically donate littering as much as plastics which lead to land pollution. By practicing simple zero waste lifestyle will help to reduce littering.

  1. Bring your own reusable bag

It is easy to find plastic bags or disposable bags. People use them many times. One fact about the plastic bag is that it needs 15 to 1000 years to be decomposed and the worst is most people throw it to the ocean, and then people claim that they do not want to find more trash than fish in the ocean. So, Ditch away your plastic bags, reusable bags are better for the environment as they also last longer. Remember, BYOR (Bring Your Own Reusable).  A small effort can do big changes. Keep our environment clean.

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