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Eka Suryarahman yang lahir di Lombok 18 Juli 1987, adalah seorang pendidik, pengusaha dan aktivis. Pada tahun 2016 ia menerima penghargaan sebagai salah satu sosok inspiratif penerima ANUGRAH TELKOMSEL 2016 di Jakarta.


Sebagai seorang pendidik ia sempat mengajar di SMA dan Universitas Swasta di Lombok dan kemudian  mendirikan Rumah Belajar. Rumah belajar ini fokus pada pelajaran non formal yang diberikan oleh para relawan dari dalam maupun luar negeri untuk anak – anak disekitar kampungnya hingga sekarang.


Setelah menyelesaikan studi S2nya di Universitas Negeri Yogyakarta, ia memutuskan untuk terjun total di dunia usaha. Ketertarikannya pada dunia pariwisata membawanya untuk mendirikan sebuah tour travel dengan nama Lombok Hidden Trip. Misi Lombok Hidden Trip adalah untuk mengajak para wisatawan berwisata sekaligus berkontribusi untuk peningkatan kualitas pendidikan di Lombok. Hingga kini Lombok Hidden Trip sudah menjalin banyak kerjasama dengan berbagai Universitas dalam dan luar negeri serta perusahaan – perusahaan Nasional yang memiliki kepedulian terhadap dunia pendidikan. 


Selain itu, Eka juga sedang menekuni dunia digital marketing dan mengembangkan kelas digital marketing untuk para remaja di desanya.


“Helping to improve the quality of education through traveling”.


Most frequent questions and answers

Lombok Hidden Trip is a tour organizer that is located in Lombok, Indonesia. This sustainable tourism-based tour makes tour activities combined with volunteering activities that help tourists to connect with local people who need help.

Traveling and volunteering are the combinations of two activities that have different backgrounds but have the same goal of obtaining happiness for travelers. By adding volunteering activities on the sidelines of traveling activities, we want travelers to also be able to share knowledge and contribute to the eradication of quality imbalances in the world.

As a tour operator, Lombok Hidden Trip has a mission to convey the correct information about the culture and beauty of Indonesian Nature to tourists. However, apart from that, we want to be a bridge between tourists and local residents to be able to interact with each other, share knowledge, and create sustainable tourism.

We believe that everyone who travels wants to get a different experience. Apart from these differences, we invite travelers to focus on more meaningful goals that are not only good for themselves but also have an impact on people, and the environment. One way to create this meaningful experience is by doing volunteering while in traveling time.

Right now in general we have 3 volunteer themes: education, conservation, and technology. Type work that you can do is? You can do a teaching activity, physical work, or a small workshop. These work and activities are related to your background and experience.

For activities that involve companies and many employees. We will discuss it with your company first about what goals you expect from this volunteering activity. After we agree we will find a location where volunteering activities will be needed. After that, we will submit a schedule and list of activities to be carried out by your employees.

As we said at the beginning, we are not NGOs or social institutions. But we want our activities to have a social impact. A tourist trip in general also requires a fee for various needs. That is why our activities are paid.

We are happy to help you to realize your travel plans. You can ask for tourist destinations, recommended hotels, or local food that you can eat

We do not have special travel insurance. But we make sure, vehicles, hotels, activities, and food during the trip meet safety and hygiene standards

You must prepare your health foremost, a happy heart, an open mind, ready to accept any differences and supporting items for traveling and volunteering